Disk Cleaner: about the most functional Moleskinsoft program

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If you wish to get rid of PC dust and search reliable disk cleaner, program Disk cleaner is for you. Here are basic possibilities given by the program for PC clean up.

To search and removal junk files. Junk files are files created by computer programs without your conduction and being useless for your activity. All they do is occupying of disk space. Having removed junk files you get rid of dust and improve PC work.

Work with duplicate files. As a matter of fact, this option gives the simplified version of what Clone Remover does – duplicate files removal i.e. various clones of your files. Obviously, they are also useless in your activity and brake PC work.

Internet clean. Disk cleaner finds temp Internet files after that easily deletes them. As you guess they do not bear any advantage but fills disk space.

Disk clean up is also used for temp system files removal created as system programs keep on your PC hard drive files necessary for them to work further. They are absolutely useless in PC work.

Incorrect or broken shortcuts are last type of useless files created in PC and being absolutely disfunctonal. When shortcut is not connected with any program, you can be assured – it is an incorrect shortcut.

Disk cleaner carries out not only pc clean up, but also a number of other useful functions. For example it is startup management which manages programs you wish to start at system start. Uninstaller approaches for any programs removal of PC. File attribute easily changes file attributes making it read only, archive, system or hidden. Besides Disk cleaner will be excellent means for safe wiping of files.

Using Disk cleaner, you can not only carry out disk clean up, but also help the PC with effective work.

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