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As it is known computer consists of set of files – video and musical ones, images, programs, etc. Many of them help in PC work, serve for maintenance of system functioning, entertainment, formation and so on. But there are some files which are absolutely useless for you and computer. This PC dust also occupies disk space, but it has no advantages. That is why disk clean up is important to relieve you of unnecessary PC dust. Such reliable PC cleaner as Disk Cleaner will help you to do it.

Why is the program? First of all it is simple in usage and multifunctional. Disk Cleaner has no panel of tools – all PC clean up functions are in several simple and intuitive commands. Basically, there are 3 ones –” to find”, “to allocate” and “to remove”.

This PC cleaner has practically all possibilities for search and removal of all kinds of computer dust. The program has 3 options which contain commands for disk clean up: Cleaners, System, Files&Folders.

Cleaners option includes commands on work with principal kinds of PC dust. They are junk, system, temp Internet and duplicate files. All these files are created by some programs, but being absolutely useless. Moreover – such files occupy your disk space slowing down computer work. For example, junk files are created by PC programs without your conduction and being useless for your activity. Also Disk Cleaner works with registry clean. The type of PC dust presents “beaten” references to files in Windows Registry. For registry clean up you should choose “search” command and the program will found them and offer you registry cleaning. Why is registry clean up so important? Because they can make problems in work of Windows Registry which is very important component of PC.

Besides, Disk Cleaner removes duplicate files i.e. PC file clones. These files appear in the system without your participation and often occupy disk space (especially if they are clones of video and musical files).

The system includes the commands simplifying your work with computer. The basic commands are startup manager and uninstaller. The first one manages programs which you wish to start at PC start. The second one is a powerful tool which helps at some programs removal. Besides, the command works with incorrect shortcuts. This type of “waste” is formed when pressing on a shortcut doesn’t open the program that is necessary to you and informs that the shortcut doesn’t work. You can be assured that the program will find many tens and hundreds of such incorrect shortcuts.

Files&Folders option is responsible for work with file attributes. For example, the File Attribute command will help you at change of any files attributes: to make it read only, archive, system or hidden.

Choosing Disk Cleaner, you choose the best PC cleaner. Thanks to the program it is easy to carry out PC clean up and disk clean up, delete computer dust, improve PC work. Thanks to “Help” you will receive the necessary information on the program, its functionality and interface.

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