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What are duplicate files? However, you can ask the question in another way: how the duplicate files are formed in PC and why they are harmful for your iron friend. Or: how to fight with them? We shall return in our following posts to these questions, and today we’ll try to answer other question, which is in the post head: how to find duplicate photo files?

To answer this question, let’s get acquainted with duplicate photo files. Apparently from the name, the duplicate photo files are the copies of photos stored the PC and which as you guess are not so useful to you and your iron friend ;). If to be absolutely exact, they are not useful and even harmful. Many of photos are kept in such “heavy” formats as JPG and BMP. If you have made a qualitative photo with the resolution of 1200Х1900, you can easy guess that one such photo can “weigh” some tens of megabytes. And now let’s be asked yourselves: how much can the whole collection of the photos you’ve made travelling somewhere in Greece or having a rest at Florida beaches “weigh”? The collection like this can weigh some hundreds of megabytes, in a separate case - up to several of gigabytes. Tell if you wish to have on the hard disk gigabytes of useless dust (and duplicates are the dust, or you don’t agree with it?;)).

But it is not yet all. Really, who’s told that the copies of only one photo collection can be kept on the PC? As you see, the problem of photo duplicates is serious and it is necessary to solve it. There is only one decision: to find duplicate photo files and to remove them.

Clone Remover offers unique service - the opportunity to find duplicate photo files and to delete them quickly, easily and without financial losses (really how long can you spend the disk space for nothing?)

Unlike the majority of the programs deleting duplicate files, Clone Remover offers special means for work with duplicate photo files. The option «similar images» you can find in one of the first program windows will allow you to work directly with photo duplicate files. To work easily and simply - in fact it is enough to press some buttons, to choose the directory where you want to find the duplicate photo files and to remove the clones from the PC. The program uses the newest technologies of selection and search of photo duplicate files. Among them there are search on the resolution, the name, the file extension, etc.

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