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Yesterday we published some entrances from the letters we receive from our readers and the buyers. Today we continue to get acquainted with the letters and at the same time we’ll learn what our readers suggest to change in our programs, what they criticize or, on the contrary, praise.

Garry T. writes: «Thanks for your programs. They are very convenient for ordinary user, clear and easy in work. However, I have some little advices on development to offer. For example, for Clone Remover I would suggest to make more expanded classification of duplicate files (well I don’t know - for example of the register files or something like that), to accelerate the search of duplicate files in large directories or disks a little. In the rest the program is very good to remove duplicate mp3 files. As to DS I would suggest to delete the bottom right window or to include it in other window. Besides, in my opinion, it is necessary to increase a window for graphic visualization of disk space usage. Also it is necessary to enter other types of schedules (I don’t know for what – probably, for beautyJ). Once again thanks for programs. I hope I’ve helped you with my councils for your program production».

Thank you Garry T. You have really helped very much. We don’t promise we’ll execute all your offers but we guarantee that we’ll analyze own programs on an optimality once again.

Lanny D. writes: «Some words about your programs. They are really good. Convenient, practical, clear for even such not skilled user as me;) . My favorite program is Clone Remover. The situation is that the shortage of disk space is my constant problem. However, I think not only mine. I’ve tried different means. I deleted files, kept them on flash and DVD, even expanded (that is I bought a new hard disk). But in due course the disk has been again overflowed. Eventually, it has bothered me and I have taken an interest at experts (on PC forums) to know what is the reason of my problem. There I have also learnt that one of the most widespread reasons is duplicate files. On the question how to fight with them one of the users has offered Clone Remover to remove duplicate mp3 files (there were also other programs to be offered but I don’t like them). The program approached me. Very muchJ. To master the program I spent no more than 5 minutes. To remove duplicate mp3 files it took 10 minutes. The result is disk clean up from almost twenty gigabytes (basically, junk files, images and removed duplicate mp3 files). Now I have always some free gigabytes. Thanks, guys! And good luck!»
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