Duplicate photo file remover

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In the previous post we spoke about how to remove duplicate image files. Today we will continue this theme and talk about such widespread type of image files as photo files.

Not a secret that a problem of how to delete duplicate photo files excites for many users. Does it not excite you? In this case I would recommend you to look how many photos you hold on the PC. If there are some tens of thousands, you can be assured – you have duplicate files in the PC.

Photo files are connected with such type of files which it’s especially difficult to check. It’s not difficult to guess why. Firstly, such files as a rule have a small size therefore there are usually kept thousands of duplicate photo files on the computer. It is clear that to check such stream is impossible. Secondly, at the organization of duplicate photo files storage we are not inclined to give to such files identical names. On the contrary, the imagination in situations when it is necessary to choose a suitable name for photo file is so wide that these names vary from banal themes by which it the photo is devoted up to photo date. It is natural, that it complicates possibility of the manual control of photo duplicate files even more.

Program Clone Remover belongs to that number of rare programs which pays special attention to a problem how to delete duplicate photo files. Moreover, for this purpose in the program some special option «similar images» is provided. The option allows searching for duplicate files in the directories which contain photo files and other images thanks to such criteria of search as extension, color scale, date of creation and many other things.

The search is spent in the variety of directions. So you can search for duplicate files in directories, folders, disks, archives, network disks. The last ones can be created by means of special means within the limits of the program.

Having found the necessary duplicate files you can delete duplicate photo files. For example from the computer or having removed them in the Recycle Bin. Don’t you want to do this? In that case you can simply transfer files to a special folder or copy. The open space for actions is great.
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