Delete duplicate music files

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«Do you have duplicate musical files? Are there a lot of mp3 doubles? Is there a lot of songs you’ve already seen somewhere? Well, then we are who will help you».

Actually, it’s not advertising. It’s not an announcement. It is the naked truth. Clone Remover users (all of them) who write to us, telling about the impressions of the program, can confirm this. They never followed advertising, and they got acquainted with program Clone Remover which deletes duplicate music files only in practice. «Practice is the best advertising» as one of our users has written us.

I think, it’s right. Eventually, it is possible to write beautiful words which praise and excellent possibilities. Clone Remover is not an exception.

Why do users choose Clone Remover? Why the program which has no big advertising, big popularity, nevertheless, involves users? Why users who have started to use this program, continue to use it and further? It seems to me there are some reasons of it.

First, the program which deletes duplicate music files is very convenient. In it there are no heavy panels of tools, and the structure of windows is so convenient and intuitively clear that even a new user can understand it without problems.

However, let’s speak about the structure of windows in more detail. Unlike the majority of similar programs, Clone Remover has no static windows. Work in the program is passed by a navigation principle. Differently, to get on a new window, the previous window is necessary to be passed. In this previous window you choose an option which conducts on a new window.

For example, if you choose «Find duplicate files», you will get to the window in which it is necessary to choose the type of the duplicate file which it’s necessary to remove. If you choose «Open the list of duplicates from a file» the new window will be opened which will contain the window of file loading. Etc.

Secondly, Clone Remover as the program which deletes duplicate music files is very functional. Here are some basic functions: the search of duplicates among all kinds of files, the possibility not only to delete duplicates but also to move them to a special folder. To keep the results of search in a special file. To search for the duplicates in archives and network disks.
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