Duplicate photo remover

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Program Clone Remover is an excellent duplicate photo remover. Don’t trust? Let’s check up.

Firstly, the program is surprisingly simple in use. You’ve probably noticed how frequently in various programs there are tool and menu panels that it’s difficult to understand. Sometimes you have to spend more time to master the program and its possibilities than to solve the problems for which this program is created.

Clone Remover is essentially new decision. You don’t need to search for the necessary button to perform any operation. The program has made all for you. Thanks to the interactive and dialogue modes of Clone Remover user doesn’t get confused what to press to receive some effect. All work passes in the form of change of dialogue windows in which the user is offered to choose some action. It depends on what action to be chosen what window will be opened. For example after you choose the option «find duplicate files» the program opens the window in which it suggests to choose the type of duplicate file you wish to remove. If you choose the option «open the list of duplicates from a file», the duplicate photo remover will open a suitable window. Etc.

Secondly, Clone Remover gives the chance to work with separate types of files. Photo files are not an exception. To find and remove the photos it’s enough to choose the option «similar images» in a window «what do you want to search for?» And to press “Next”.

Thirdly, the duplicate photo remover allows to work with the convenient structure of files and the folders organized in the form of a folder tree. Besides, the user can choose not only usual disks and folders he wishes to search for duplicates folders in but also archives and network disks. By the way, the network disks can also be created by the means of Clone Remover.

Fourthly, the program uses various criteria to search for the clones among photo files. For example, they are resolution, file format, color depth. If the values of all these indicators are identical, the probability of that these photo files are duplicates is equal practically 100 %.

Use Clone Remover as duplicate photo remover to solve the unpleasant problem of photo duplicate files in some minutes.
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