Delete duplicate photo files

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Do you want to delete duplicate photo files? It’s not a problem! Program Clone Remover will solve this problem in some minutes.

As a rule, duplicate photo files appear on the computer «thanks» to several reasons. One of them is confusion in the keeping of files and folders. We often keep files (including photo files) in different folders being able to be located in different disks. It is practically impossible to find some photo file and to check up whether it has duplicate manually.

Other reason of duplicate photo files occurrence is carelessness in the loading of new photos on the PC. Sometimes it’s easy to notice that in the folder you’ve loaded new photos into, the duplicate files are already kept however we don’t notice them (why it is another question).

The frequent reason of why we don’t notice the duplicate photo files is the disorder in file names. Instead of naming files under certain scheme we are inclined to situational naming. For example, if the photo is made on December, 14th 2008 the file can also be named as «20081214» or something like this. Or the photo can be called in connection with any memoirs, photographing conditions, etc. As a result the same file is kept in our PC under different names. For example, the photo of d’Eiffel made in Paris (on February, 3rd 2009) you can name as «20090203», «Paris2009», «Eiffel», «Eiffel 20090203», etc. As you can see, the same file can be kept under different names. And the system perceives them as different files.

What to do? How to delete duplicate photo files? Obviously using program Clone Remover. Here are some reasons why you’d use the program instead of search and to delete duplicate photo files manually.

Convenience. Clone Remover is very convenient in work as well as simple even for beginners. Everyone who tried to start some big program faced the unpleasant necessity to spend much time to master the program. Sometimes it took more time than it was necessary for the performance of the function for which the program was used. Clone Remover is simple and convenient. In this program you can easy adapt within several minutes.

Interactivity. Clone Remover is created for work and interaction with the user. The work passes in the kind of dialogue windows in which some dialogues between the program and users occur.

Functionality. In spite of all the program is very functional and solves all problems in few seconds.
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