Find images and music Files Duplicates

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Clone Remover is a small program to find images and music files duplicates files and to remove them. The program is supported by Windows (including XP and Vista).

So, do you want to find images and music files duplicates? It’s not a problem if to use Clone Remover. The program gives the variety of possibilities which will allow you to solve your problem in the fastest terms – easily and simply.

The program is interactive. It means that it works with the user by a dialogue principle – the user as though sends the inquiries (commands) in reply to which the program fulfils the necessary requirements. For this reason the program is relieved of difficult and unnecessary panels of menu and tools instead of which dialogue windows are used. Within the limits of these windows the user can choose the necessary option which conduct on window.

The program is convenient. There are no difficult functional blocks in it. Clone Remover has only that instruments that helps you to solve your problem.

The program is effective. At all thus Clone Remover to find images and music files duplicates does all you need as to the expert – does easily, simply and without problems.

Clone Remover it is the pleasant program. It has the nice interface which for certain will approach all users. During the work you are accompanied by a nice moleskin (as it’s easy to guess, the developer team Moleskinsoft is named in its honor) which in each window changes the configuration and position.

Program work begins with definition of your following steps – what it is necessary to decide, what you want to make, for example, to find and remove duplicates of files or to open the list of duplicates from a file.

If you’ve chosen the first option the program will suggest you to choose the duplicate type which you want to find and remove. For example, similar images.

The next your probable step is to choose a search directory that is that folder in which you’re going to search for the duplicates.

Further the program spends the search of duplicates and offers the search results. You can choose the found files for removal or moving to a special folder.

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