Check for duplicate files

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The program about which we’ll talk today is somewhat unique. Clone Remover of Moleskinsoft allows to solve all your problems with duplicates in a few minutes: to find and remove them.

Clone Remover is a small program which is occupied in finding duplicate files as well as check for duplicate files. The program is Vista supported. Clone Remover helps to search for and delete duplicate files in a safe way on PC or notebook without any problems.

To work with Clone Remover is a real pleasure. The program is easy in usage, has no difficult interface which would stir to perception and the decision of the primary goals. Besides, in the program the interactive principle of work with the user is realized: it’s not the program which imposes difficult decisions, but the user as though talks to the program passing from one question-answer to another.

In the program the basic ways of duplicate search are used. To check for duplicate files, the program uses some basic methods. We will consider them more in detail:

Search in content – for example, the files may have different names, but similar content. For example, if identical files are located in different directories. Probably, with different names.

Search by mp3 name. Thanks to this option the user can use this method when he wants to get more disk space removing. Besides, it is necessary to remember, that an mp3 file contains information about the track title, artist, as well as album. Search by mp3 titles uses exactly this data.

Search in properties allows to search duplicate files by name and/or file size.

One more option is search of similar pictures. This option consists that Clone Remover to check for duplicate files searches similar images as which the program considers similar (for example, jpg, bmp, png, psd and others).
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