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Directory Size is the program of new generation which allows to analyze disk space in short terms, to define structure and the content of an investigated directory, to find optimum ways of disk space usage.

The disk space map program allows to answer some basic questions:

1)    What folders and files the investigated directory consists of.

2)    How many folders and files are included in the structure of the investigated directory.

3)    What size of folders and files included in the investigated folder, in percentage and bytes (as well as in kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes).

4)    What folders and files of the following level the folders included in the structure of the investigated folder contain, etc.

As practice shows, the research of disk space and structure is enough difficult for spending in the conditions of absence of the specialized program tool. Windows conductor can be used only for the most general analysis of a disk whereas more detailed representation about current disk usage can be received only using such programs as disk space map program Directory Size.

Actually, work in Directory Size is not so difficult as can be seemed for the first time. Representation about that the computer (disk) analyzer should be necessarily difficult for understanding («the program for clever»), doesn’t concern such program as Directory Size.

Actually, Directory Size consists of several interconnected structural elements to which all basic work is spent, and movement on these elements is spent clockwise.

For example, one program component is responsible for loading investigated directory (a folder or a disk) in the program. By means of “Scan” you can load from a tree of folders the directory which structure you want to study. Besides, here it is possible to receive the general evident representation about current structure of the directory without the detailed analysis.

Other program component is responsible for the detailed analysis of the investigated directory. Directory Size allows to receive such information on folder structure as quantity of folders and the files included in it, as well as their qualitative structure and percentage distribution. The unit of measure is set by the user: they can be both megabytes (by default), and kilobytes and gigabytes.

It is clear, that figures are not so convenient for perception of the information. Developers have also provided it: in the program you can receive evident representation about current distribution of disk space thanks to a special component of the program «Schedules and diagrammes (pies and bars)». With the help of this means you can get acquainted with «pie» of disk (folder) divided into “slices” of separate parts. Besides, in this means you can set color, background and other visual components.

It is very easy and simple to work in the program. As practice shows it takes more than 5 minutes for work in Directory Size. However, if the difficulties also arise you will be always helped by special means of “Help”.
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