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As practice shows it is not so simple to find duplicate files as it can seem. Eventually, what is this duplicate files? They are the copies of files which have the same content (sometimes – the name and extension) and which are also on the computer.

Duplicate files have a different origin. For example, if the system of file keeping is enough difficult, the user himself can load identical files (duplicate files) on the computer after that there will be at once some identical files in the system. Other reason of occurrence of duplicate files on PC is user’s ignorance of that this file is duplicate (has other name, extension). For example, file «Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl.mp3» can have other variants of name: «Girl.mp3» «Katy Perry.mp3» «I Kissed Girl.wma», etc. Naturally the user can simply not understand that it is the same song.

Are duplicate files harmful? Certain. After all, as a matter of fact, some identical files are stored on the computer. All the matter is that substantially they are identical to one file (substantially five identical songs are the same as one song), but physically they are five high-grade songs (that is they take a place of five independent files).

How is it possible to struggle with duplicate files? It is possible manually but it will occupy a lot of time and it is not perspective. Besides, having got rid of some duplicate files there is no guarantee that new ones will appear, and you should begin process again. It is possible to struggle with duplicate files effectively using a special program complex or a software. Like Clone Remover.

This rather a new means to remove duplicate email has such possibilities as search of duplicate files, the expanded criteria of search and selection of duplicate files. The program is constructed on a dialogue mode with user – the last one chooses a certain option, the program gives out a certain answer as reaction to user’s action. In practice it means that in the program there are no menu and management panels, there is practically no work with options, and all work is spent in the form of questions and answers in a dialogue program window.

How does it work? For example, you have started the program to remove duplicate email. In the first window of Clone Remover you can see that the program suggests you to make one of several actions – for example, «Find duplicate files» (the basic action), «Restore files moved to a separate folder earlier» or «Search for duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook». By the way, the last option allows to search for duplicate files among letters stored or sent by program Microsoft Outlook. It is necessary for you to choose your further direction.

If you’ve chosen «Find duplicate files» you will get to a following window in which you should choose what files you want to search. This is window of search criteria choice. In this one you should choose among what files you are going to search for duplicate files. As in the first window there are five variants here.

To be continued…
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