Delete duplicate folders

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There are a lot of different ways to delete duplicate folders. For example, to make it manually. However the most effective, fast and convenient way is to use a special program. For example, Clone Remover.

Program Clone Remover was initially created as convenient in usage tool of decision of program problems in the field of search and removal of duplicate files. The program managed to solve the task in view on 100 %. Judge.

Where else will you find such a convenient and clear even to beginner interface relieved of difficult and inconvenient panels of menu and tools? Where else is it possible to transform work in the program in convenient dialogue in which all have already thought for you and you are necessary to choose only the answers to questions which are as much as possible close to your problems?

Program Clone Remover is one of the most functional programs in the market of tools to delete duplicate folders. You will find all in the program that is only necessary for ordinary user – beginning from the most simple operations and ending specialized functions by definition of criteria of duplicate files search.

However, not to be unfounded, let’s look how the program works more attentively.

For the first time start the program. The program is started very simply – it’s enough to press a program icon. Before you there will be the window in which you will need to choose the further action. In the first window the user is offered to choose what to do in the program – to search for duplicate files, to open the list of duplicates from a special file (which by the way is created in the program) or for example to search for email duplicates in Microsoft Outlook (a new Clone Remover function).

Let’s choose the first option (by the way it is established by default). We will pass in the following window of the program in which you will be suggested to choose among what files duplicate file search will be going. For example it can be complete duplicate files (that is with absolutely identical contents), similar images or empty files. The last ones are difficult to name duplicate files, however, as well as duplicate files empty files are also useless and even harmful.

In the following window of the program you need to choose the directory of duplicate files search. In particular, you can search for duplicates in folders, disks, network disks, iTunes and archives. Only remember that the more the size of directory search is, the longer search process is.

By the way, with process of duplicate files search you can face more densely if you will get on the following page. Search process is automatic and will not occupy more than 10 minutes (however, pay attention to previous paragraph).

After the search will come to the end, to program will give out to you the result – the found duplicate files. You decide what to leave, and what to delete from the computer.

For simplification of work in the program the small panel of options is provided. Its basic functions are settings, help, as well as transition buttons between program windows. Separately there is button “Exit”. It is easy to guess for what it is created.
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