Disk space chart

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Why is disk space analysis necessary? To know what disk place is occupied with files and folders, to have evident idea about current placing of files and folders in PC, to remember that the computer system also demands rational usage.

For today in the market of software products it’s not so simple to find a disk space chart program which could analyze disk space effectively and productively. And still there is a program like this.

Directory Size is rather a new and young program in the market of software. However it is hardly possible to find the program which would be such young and could solve the problems connected with disk space analysis so quickly and effectively.

What distinguishes Directory Size as a disk analyzer? Firstly, a convenient user-oriented interface. Even if you’re a beginner (in common or in this program), already at the first start of the program you will easily notice that the program is surprisingly easy and simply looked, and it is even clearly to not-trained eye.

The disk space chart program consists of four different windows (however, their borders can be changed easily). In each of windows the user can choose the certain actions which cumulative results will lead to its desirable result – to the analyzed disk space.

Pay attention that movement in the program should be carried out clockwise.

Let’s begin with a below left window. In this window there is the information about a current disk condition - in particular, how much place there is on a disk, how much place is free and occupied.

In a following top left window the program’s user can load the analyzed directory – a folder or a disk. The user of the disk space chart program will analyze this directory, then search for files and folders included in the structure of this directory, as well as to carry out additional analytical researches.

Besides to load the directory the user can also receive primary evident representation about a current directory condition in the given window. In particular, he can receive data on folders included in the analyzed directory, as well as folders of following level (that is actually about all tree of folders).

In the following window, top-right one, the user can receive more detailed information on a current condition of disk space. What exactly? Firstly, the detailed information about the analyzed directory structure – the folders and files included in the directory. Secondly, about the size of the specified elements – as in megabytes (kilobytes, gigabytes), and in percentage. Thirdly, about the quantity of files and folders included in folders.

Besides, by means of the program you can receive evident representation about a current disk condition. By means of the fourth window – bottom right one in which it is possible to build special diagrammes and bars visually representing the results of disk space analysis.
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