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Today we’ll talk about some special program. About the program which in many respects has turned representation about how the duple removal tool in the field of search and removal of duplicate files should work. Nevertheless program Clone Remover became (and still remains) one of the most popular programs in this area. In what the reason of popularity of the program is and why do users use it so actively and what does it give in work with duplicate files?

Firstly Clone Remover is the program working in the interactive mode exclusively. It means that each step or process in the program grows out of interaction of user and the program interface, “answer” Clone Remover to “question” which is “set” by the user to the program.

Actually of course you can consider the dialogue of user and the dupe removal tool to be conditional. Actually everything looks so (it, however, doesn’t reduce value of interactive mode in Clone Remover). The user passes between program windows answering utility’s questions which it sets before the user. On the question the program offers some variants of answers (sometimes it’s possible to choose some questions at once. As soon as you have answered any question the program translates you in the following window in which you need to choose the answer to the following question. Etc.

Pay attention that Clone Remover practically has no panel of menus (tools). Its place some options in the bottom panel of the program – options, help, transition buttons between windows.

Secondly, Clone Remover is very simple dupe removal tool in usage. As we’ve already told in the program there are practically no panels of tools or menu. The program is interactive and each your action is caused by the previous one. Thus you will not mix what to do further – all logic of your work in the program is caused by your previous actions.

Pay attention that despite such simplicity and convenience program Clone Remover is functional and solves practically all problems connected with duplicate files. For example, in the program you can set which types of files as duplicate files and among what files you’re going to search for. Other innovation is the possibility of search of duplicate files. In the program there is variety of directories among which you can search for duplicate files. For example, a usual folder, a disk, archive, a network disk or i-Tunes. By the way, such variety allows the program to search for duplicate files most effectively. After all even if you have set that to search for duplicates is necessary among all files, and your possibilities for search are limited by only folders you can’t find many duplicate files as there are not them in usual folders.

As you can see it is easy, convenient and effective to work in the program. It is necessary to notice that search of duplicate files will not occupy much time. However remember that the more the size of the directory in which you’re going to search for duplicate files the more time you will spend for this search. Therefore be attentive. Good luck!
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