File duplicate removal software

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As practice shows it’s easy and simple to solve this or that problem in the field of duplicate files if to use the special software. Like Clone Remover.

For what Clone Remover is necessary? It is obvious to solve the problems connected with duplicate files and their removal. But any program can solve such problems in the given market. In what the program’s feature is and why is it necessary to choose Clone Remover?

As practice shows any program can be estimated on several parameters: interface level, interactivity, functionality. We will consider features Clone Remover on these parameters.

Interface level. There are different file duplicate removal softwares differing on these parameters. For example, simple, average or difficult ones. Clone Remover is the program with simple level of interface. However, the simplicity should be understood not as a poor quality’s synonym, but as convenience and ease of user’s usage. In program Clone Remover there are all conditions to consider the program to be very convenient in usage having the interface focused on the user. For example, in the program there are practically no menu panels with their difficult options, structures, commands which studying would demand much time. On the contrary, all commands are taken out in a working window adapted for user’s work.

Interactivity. Interactivity is property of file duplicate removal software to carry on dialogue with user in which the user forms certain inquiries, and the program gives answers to these inquiries. Thus, the program not simply executes user’s commands but also participates in decision-making itself, forms dialogical system of interaction and brings the user to optimal decision of its problems.

Let’s consider this property on Clone Remover’s example. When you open the program, the first thing you see is the window in which it’s necessary for you to choose this or that option in reply to the question which is also formulated in this window (for example that you want to make). As soon as you have chosen this or that answer you get to a following window in which the program offers you answers to the question again. Etc. Eventually, the program gives out the result.

Functionality. It is the program ability to carry out as much functions a possible, as well as the variety of these functions (differentiation and division). In Clone Remover all complex of function for search and removal of duplicates is realized. Besides, a lot of users will be pleasantly surprised with possibilities in search of duplicate files in a great number of directories, such as a folder, a network disk, archive and i-Tunes. In program Clone Remover also can you set what files you want to choose to remove, as well as to choose directions of work with the files – for example, to remove from the PC, to move to a separate folder, etc.
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