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In this post we’ll talk about one more software product of Moleskinsoft team - about Directory Size (about Clone Remover we spoke more low). More precisely, not about the program but about the responses which our users give to this program.

Actually, Directory Size is a very interesting program. It is seldom possible to find the program which would have such simple and convenient interface in work simultaneously and would solve such enough challenges as disk space analysis.

Nevertheless, Directory Size is possible to combine all these problems in one program. How? About it we will talk in our following posts for now we will notice that the decision of any problem connected with the analysis of disk space is always subordinated one purpose – to simplify and optimize disk structure.

What do our users speak and think about Directory Size? Let’s listen to them more attentively.

Jerry K.: To tell the truth, I don’t know more interesting and advanced directory file analyzer than Directory Size. At least, in its sphere. The program analyzes a disk (however, it’s not me who must speak about this to you) this function is very convenient and useful to me. For example, it is necessary to learn where there is this or that file, what its size is, an arrangement, as well as properties and structural position concerning other files or directories. I can find all this by means of your program.

Or – I need to optimize my disk space. I store a great number of files on the PC – different formats, different types, etc. Naturally that I need to systematize all this data, differently I can find that is necessary for me. As a result working in Directory Size I understand that I can’t worry for the future of directory and disk space – everything that it is necessary for me I will quickly find and also I can quickly use for disk space optimization.

It is one big pleasure to work in your directory file analyzer. If it is fair I won’t remember programs which would have such unusual interface and specificity of work. I have in view of that work in the program goes clockwise. That is I have made any part of work, have passed in a following window clockwise, further – in a following window, etc., etc.

In a word, I am very glad that have got acquainted with your program. Now I will recommend to my friends and acquaintances. Thanks.

Thanks you, Gerry. And here is the letter from Robert R.

Robert R.: The directory file analyzer was pleasant to me very much. I recommend it to all who need a good disk analyzer which would help to solve variety of problems in the field of disk classification, arrangements of files, folders and other directories.
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