Directory folder analyzer

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It’s one more post about program Directory Size. In this one we will also talk about possibilities which this program opens before users, s well as about users’ responses about work results in the program.

Separate feature of program Directory Size which a lot of users mark is the work in a mode “hour hand”. What is it? It is specially organized interface in which users pass in work performance process on mini-windows clockwise. As a matter of fact, in the course of such movement the program accumulates more and more information and gives it to user.

Such functional division by something reminds program Clone Remover in which the program also moved from one window to another gradually accumulating the information for the decision of the primary goals. However in Clone Remover movement on windows was spent in the form of dialogue windows replacing each other and in Directory Size you move in one window clockwise.

Jim RR.: This feature of directory folder analyzer Directory Size i.e. movement clockwise firstly has surprised as you seldom find the program which would work in the same way. However very soon I have estimated all possibilities of the program and have understood that the program simply ergonomically uses the interface to receive that result which is necessary for it (as well as it is necessary for user). I don’t speak about surprisingly convenient operating mode with the program, a multipurpose mode and efficiency in work both for ordinary users, and for corporations. Thanks!

Glenn W.: To work in your directory folder analyzer is very convenient and easy. I even was a little surprised with that fact that the directory folder analyzer which was created for the decision of such challenges as the analysis of disk and disk space is so easy and simple in usage. As a rule, serious analyzers have very difficult structure (I speak as expert in software), the confused system of administration (through control panels), difficult control panels and the menu etc. However Directory Size has no anything similar. On the contrary. The program is very simple (rather, is final), professionally optimized for any user. Good fellows!
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