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In one of our posts we have already spoken about program File Sync and about the responses which our users give to this sync folder tool. Today we’ll continue our acquaintance to this program, possibilities which it gives and responses of our users.

In the last post we’ve said that the program usage will allow you to deal with a question with the comparative analysis of disk and file synchronization. We have resulted opinions and stories of our users in which they spoke about how to get acquainted for the first time with the program as chose it, what problems faced to them in the course of choice.

Today we’ll continue our conversation. In program File Sync it is very easy to work with directories for comparative analysis. All you need to do is to choose by means of option Browse both directories and to receive the evident maintenance of two directories.

After both directories are loaded it is necessary to choose Analyze and to carry out the comparative analysis of two directories. The result of the analysis will be if both folders are similar, in what degree, in what files they are similar, and in what they are various.

Tim Parker: «I was surprised at once that the sync folder tool is so simple and convenient in usage. Usually the utilities of such level and functional are much more difficult, have more options and more difficult interface. And in File Sync it is easily and simply to work. For example, to load both folders into the program it is enough to choose one option. It also is enough to choose one option to analyze folders. Etc. Besides, use of such tool as problems is very successful. I don’t need to analyze and file synchronization consistently. I can analyze and synchronize at once some pairs of directories within the limits of each of tasks».

File synchronization is also caused by pressing of one button Sync. Thus having pressed only three buttons you actually use all functionality of the sync folder tool.
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