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Remove duplicate email

As practice shows it is not so simple to find duplicate files as it can seem. Eventually, what is this duplicate files? They are the copies of files which have the same content (sometimes – the name and extension) and which are also on the computer.
Duplicate files have a different origin. For example, if the [...]

Itunes duplicate songs

Program Clone Remover is one of few utilities which will allow not only to find effectively but also to remove practically all types of duplicate files including I-tunes duplicate songs. This efficiency is based on surprisingly pleasant and simple in usage interface which besides has a dialogue mode. But about all one after another.

Clone Remover [...]

Duplicate file locator

Program Clone Remover is created for the effective analysis, search and removal of duplicate files.
What is the duplicates? They are the copies of the files which already exist on your computer – for example, mp3 files, audio files, images, video, etc. In some cases the size of such files can reach hundreds of megabytes and [...]

Duplicate photo file remover

In the previous post we spoke about how to remove duplicate image files. Today we will continue this theme and talk about such widespread type of image files as photo files.
Not a secret that a problem of how to delete duplicate photo files excites for many users. Does it not excite you? In this case [...]

All Moleskinsoft programs

In this post we’ll talk about all Moleskinsoft programs.
Clone Remover. It’s the most known and sold Moleskinsoft program. Besides, it’s the first our program. The utility renders the universal help in work with duplicate files – it finds, deletes, makes reports, etc. Many our users say about the convenient interface of the program executed in [...]