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Restoring files moved to a separate folder earlier

Those who use our software often ask us to make it possible to restore removed file duplicates. This feature is available in Clone Remover starting from version 2.5. You can find its description below.
Suppose you have the following files:


Clone Remover - duplicate file finder - download here
Directory Size - [...]

Clone Remover: How it works (the third part)

I continue to tell about how to work with Clone Remover. Today I’ll tell about how to remove and find duplicate files.

Clone Remover - duplicate file finder - download here
Directory Size - disk space report utility - download here
File Sync - file synchronization software - download here
Disk Cleaner - disk clean up software - [...]


Clone Remover: How it works (the second part)

In the last part I described base functions of Clone Remover you face when start the program. In this part I’ll tell about some functions more in detail. I remind Clone Remover works with 5 duplicate file types: complete duplicate files, similar images, music files with similar tags, files with similar names and size and [...]


Clone Remover: How it works (the first part)

I’m often asked why one thing works and other doesn’t work, how some options operate and why it is impossible to make something else. Certainly it is impossible to answer all the questions as it is necessary to know peculiarities of your software and hardware recourses. But I will try to answer a lot of [...]