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Dupe removal tool

Today we’ll talk about some special program. About the program which in many respects has turned representation about how the duple removal tool in the field of search and removal of duplicate files should work. Nevertheless program Clone Remover became (and still remains) one of the most popular programs in this area. In what the [...]

Duplicate emails remover

As practice shows the problem of duplicate files is possible to decide in two ways – to find them independently and to remove, as well as to use a special software with powerful analytical device not demanding big computer resources.
It’s easy to guess that the second way is more optimum – it focuses the user [...]

Compare two folders

How to compare two folders? How to make so that two folders you have on the PC have been analyzed, after that the conclusion about their comparability would be drawn? Everything is very simple. To take advantage of possibilities of a new program File Sync which is specially created for comparative analysis of two directories [...]

Сompare sync

For today it is not so easy to find a good compare sync means which would allow to solve adequately this or that problem in the field of file synchronization and comparative directory analysis.
However, the similar software exists. Program File Sync is a powerful and at the same time convenient compare sync means which allows [...]

Find and remove duplicates

How is it possible to find and remove duplicates easily and quickly? Very simply if to take advantage of special program like Clone Remover.
Pay attention that it’s very simple to work in Clone Remover, and the decision of your problems will not occupy more than 5 minutes. All process of search and removal of duplicate [...]