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Delete duplicate folders

There are a lot of different ways to delete duplicate folders. For example, to make it manually. However the most effective, fast and convenient way is to use a special program. For example, Clone Remover.
Program Clone Remover was initially created as convenient in usage tool of decision of program problems in the field of search [...]

Remove duplicate folders

As practice shows, it’s not so simple to solve the problem of duplicate files as it can seem for the first time. Firstly, there are a lot of them. Secondly, frequently they are difficult for identifying – the copy can have other name or extension. Thirdly, it’s impossible to remove them and to forget about [...]

Сompare folders and files

Are there a lot of programs to compare folders and files in the market? The programs which allow to reveal duplicate files on the basis of the detailed analysis and to remove them from the computer.
No. But even among this small number of programs it is possible to find such programs which will help you [...]

Remove duplicate email

As practice shows it is not so simple to find duplicate files as it can seem. Eventually, what is this duplicate files? They are the copies of files which have the same content (sometimes – the name and extension) and which are also on the computer.
Duplicate files have a different origin. For example, if the [...]

Outlook duplicate remover

The outlook duplicate remover Clone Remover is not necessary on a place and is constantly modernised. And in a new version 3.8, changes and additions which have made the program work even more effective and convenient are made. Here are the basic changes.
The option «Search for copies of certain files» in the first program window [...]