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Directory chart analyze tool

The program about which we’ll talk today is rather a new and little-known in the market. Nevertheless the possibilities it gives to users are so wide that every PC user should know the program.
Get acquainted – Directory Size, the program which will allow you to receive a full picture of the condition of your disk [...]

Directory size analyze tool

Today we continue tradition which we have once began opening this blog. We talk about the responses of ordinary users about the programs created by Moleskinsoft team. The returning of this heading is not casual. We continue to receive a considerable quantity of letters to which our consumers write about our programs, the possibilities they [...]

Disk space chart

Why is disk space analysis necessary? To know what disk place is occupied with files and folders, to have evident idea about current placing of files and folders in PC, to remember that the computer system also demands rational usage.
For today in the market of software products it’s not so simple to find a disk [...]

Disk map utility

Moleskinsoft team is not necessary on a place. Unique line of Moleskinsoft programs is that they are developed, supplemented and improved constantly doing users’ work more convenient and comfortable. Disk map utility Directory Size is not an exception. The changes which have occurred in it from the last version are not large although but nevertheless [...]

Disk tree map

Are there a lot of programs which are capable to carry out disk space analysis quickly and effectively and to present analysis’ results visually? Apparently not, and program Directory Size is one of few such programs.
What are specialties of this disk tree map utility?

Clone Remover - duplicate file finder - download here
Directory Size - disk [...]