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How often have you heard concept «file synchronization»? Certainly, not often. However actually this operation is important for work with files and programs. Here is one of the most widespread examples. You work with someone over a joint project on a computer. Naturally, you can’t to do anything without a general folder in which results of joint works are stored. But to work jointly is not always possible and effective, especially for long-term projects. There is also a requirement in separate work when partners work over the general project individually. When they meet again to compare individual efforts a problem appears: how to do it? If the project (that is some folder) consists of tens or hundreds files, it becomes practically impossible to define difference between the files manually (especially for which have the same name but different content). A sync software which is a special program carrying out the comparative analysis of directories and if needed synchronizing their content will help you to solve this problem. The best sync software nowadays is program File Sync from Moleskinsoft team.

Actually there are a lot of examples when it is necessary to make file synchronization. For example, when there are some folders with identical name in the disk. The purpose is to find out whether they differ under the content. Quite probably one of folders includes files which are also in other folders as well as has additional files. In this case it is better to remove other folders. On the other hand, the content of two various in name folders can be very similar, therefore it is required to reduce them to a common denominator (that is to synchronize) and to remove one of them.

All these examples show that at the heart of the synchronization are two operations: the comparative analysis of directories and file synchronization. This principle of work is created in File Sync combining simplicity and user-friendly interface that are traditional for Moleskinsoft as well as functionality.

The sync software window is conditionally broken on two parts in which the results of the analysis of the folders are represented. It is enough to choose “Browse” in both parts and to press “Analyze” to execute the first operation i.e. to analyze the content of both folders and to reveal identity and distinction. The button “Sync” will execute the second operation (it is not obligatory), that is synchronize both folders. All operation will not take more than a minute.